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We’ve been working for many years with prominent winemakers and cooperatives from Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Chile to bottle our own registered wine brands either on site or at our own winery. The range varies from varietal wines or balanced blends to refreshing sparkling wines. All these wines offer excellent value for money and are ideal for the food and beverage trade without being in direct market competition. We can also provide an individual layout, including with your own label – please contact us for details.



Waterkant Wine Bottlers – Wine, made close to the water

Bottled in Hamburg | Germany


At Waterkant Wine bottlers, we produce modern wines for every day and every occasion. We carefully select the wines from where they are grown, tank transport them (environmentally friendly!) to Hamburg before our creative  expert team carefully finishes them in oak barrels or stainless steel tanks before bottling and labelling them.

Here’s to the winemakers and to ‘our’ north – cheers! - waterkantwine.de

Rotspon „Michel“ - Bottled in Hamburg | Germany

Production of "Rotspon" (literally “red wooden stave”) began in the times of the Hanseatic League. Red wine was transported in barrels in the Hansa cogs, a type of small ship, from France to the northern German Hansa cities. Here it was matured in oak barrels until it was bottled by the Hanseatic wine merchants. Rotspon was considered to be a mark of quality, testifying to expertise of the wine merchant and the art of his winemaker. This is still the case today, although this wonderful tradition seems to have been almost forgotten.

The Rotspon with our Michel label, named after Hamburg’s best known church, is the perfect wine souvenir for your customers. The wine comes from the deep south of France and is matured in French and American oak barriques in Hamburg- Billbrook before being bottled on site. The result is a full bodied fruity red wine, well-structured with fine vanilla and toast notes.

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Rocco & Mancini – An exclusive brand from Italy

The name Rocco & Mancini stands for fine wines from Italy that show a marked typicity. These quality wines from Lake Garda, Venice and Tuscany showcase the varietal characteristics from which they are made. Blends respect and unite the advantages of each variety to provide a harmonious and enjoyable wine. The wines are ideal partners to light and simple dishes or invite enjoyment by themselves.

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Pont Chalet - An exclusive brand from the south of France

Pont Chalet provides varietal wines from the south of France that offer great value for money. The wines mature in southern France under the benign influence of the Mediterranean and are excellent partners for fish dishes, appetizers and salads.

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Catani – An exclusive brand from Sicily

Catani provides a strong, high quality and above all typical selection of Sicilian wine. Sicily, with its proximity to the sea and a superb climate predestined for quality wine growing, offers consumers an excellent price to enjoyment ratio.

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